After a particularly grueling few months, a friend and I sat down for a much-needed wine night. We discussed a few fringe topics - the weather, our families, our jobs - and quickly noticed that neither of us was very tuned in. Without skipping a beat, my friend (unknowingly) asked the question that would alter our conversations forever going forward.

When the going gets tough...we have the opportunity to overcome or succumb.

There is often beauty at the end of a grueling, hard-fought uphill climb - as evidenced by the breathtaking views from mountain tops, our first introduction to new babies, or a sunrise that washes over the clouds clearing your mind for even a split second. Our roots run deep when overcoming adversity and there is no “one size fits all” remedy to hardship - we’re all different. So, when faced with an ever-flowing river of challenges (like, say, 2020 in general) what can we do to stay above water?