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Becoming Future You (Workshop)

BECOMING FUTURE YOU™ is a full-day interactive workshop that equips participants with the insights and resources they need to clarify their unique purpose, align with their core values, and become their best future self. 

During the first half of this full day workshop, participants will: 

✧ Clarify their unique purpose 

✧ Identify their core values and beliefs 

✧ Set goals and intentions that align with their values 

✧ Create a Future You Framework for success. 

During the second half of this full day workshop, participants will: 

✧ Practice powerful affirmation and meditation techniques 

✧ Learn about the 12 universal laws that govern our lives 

✧ Gain insight as to why words matter and how to use them 

✧ Choose images and words to represent their desired life outcomes

 Create a powerful and unique vision board that works

 Become a deliberate creator of their life 

This workshop includes: 

✧ Pre-event planning worksheets 

✧ Future You Vision Boarding Kits for each attendee

Can be conducted live or virtually. 

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