Future You Flower (Ring)

Each petal of our Future You Flower represents the 6 key areas of life and serves as a daily reminder that when you nourish these 6 key areas you too can rise, flourish, and thrive.

The 6 key ares of life are:

✧ Health & Wellbeing        ✧ Love & Relationships        ✧ Career & Business

✧ Fun & Recreation           ✧ Finances & Wealth           ✧ Meaning & Purpose

At the center of our Future You Flower you will find the shape of a diamond reminding you to always seek the light, as well as share your light with the world.

We invite you to allow the Future You Flower to inspire yourself and others to always stay focused on the light, prioritize wellbeing, and to never lose sight of the magnificence within us all.

It’s time to rise, flourish, and thrive!


.: Metal: .925 silver

.: Gemstone: White cubic zirconia 

.: Diameter: 1/2 inch