Future You Flower Pendant

The Future You Flower was inspired by the story of the lotus which is revered around the world as a powerful symbol of strength, resilience, and rebirth.

The lotus has long been seen as a metaphor for life. It routinely pushes its way through muddy waters in search of the sun, until it reaches the surface and blossoms into the magnificent flower it was destined to become.

Our Future You Flower serves as a reminder that you are like the lotus. You are powerful beyond measure and already have everything within you everything you need to rise, flourish, and thrive.

To further inspire you to become your best future self, each petal of the Future You Flower represents the 6 key areas of life that must be nourished in order for you to truly blossom and thrive.

The 6 key areas of life are:

✧  Physical & Mental Health

✧  Family & Relationship Fulfillment

✧  Work & Career Satisfaction

✧  Financial Security & Independence

✧  Spiritual Wellness

✧  Community Contributions

We believe the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others – is the gift of inspiration. The Future You Flower reminds us to nurture our needs ~ and to always keep our face to the sun. 

Accompanied by our Future You Letter, this stunning piece of jewelry makes a truly meaningful gift for yourself or someone you love.

.: Metal: .925 silver

.: Gemstone: White cubic zirconia 

.: Diameter: 3/4 inches

.: Chain length: 16 inches