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The Mind - Body Connection

As a chiropractor with nearly 5 decades of practical experience working with clients, Dr. John Demartini has extensively studied both conventional and alternative healing modalities. 

He’s also a human behavior specialist, so he’s been able to uniquely entwine his knowledge, practical processes and clinical work to develop a comprehensive system that not only explains the mind-body connection in simple terms but also the link between different psychologies and health conditions. 

He’s even gone one step further and has developed a practical step-by-step approach called the Demartini Method to clear the underlying emotion so that the wisdom of the body is able to do its work. 

This online course is a 4-part module that will help you better understand: 

  • How your perceptions impact your parasympathetic and sympathetic systems
  • Why imbalances in the mind result in imbalances in the body
  • How to balance your perceptions to bring back homeostasis and thus healing in the body
  • The 4 cardinal pillars of healing

A must for anyone interested in health, vitality and life! 


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