Lotus Flower Pendant

We are so proud to partner with TrueLove® diamonds on creating the Lotus Flower Jewelry Collection.

The Future You lotus flower symbolizes strength, resilience, and rebirth. Each petal of the lotus flower represents one of the 6 key areas of life that must be nourished in order to flourish and thrive. 

The 6 key areas of life represented by each petal are: 

.: Physical and Mental Health 
.: Family & Relationship Fulfillment
.: Work & Career Satisfaction
.: Financial Health & Security 
.: Spiritual Wellness 
.: Community Contributions

The center of the lotus flower is purposefully designed in the shape of a diamond because when you nourish these 6 key areas of your life, your inner light shines bright – allowing you to shine your light onto the world!

Wear the Future You lotus flower as a daily reminder of the beauty that comes from change, the growth that comes from adversity, and the joy that comes from letting your inner light shine.


Metal: .925 Silver 

Gemstone: Swarovski crystal (1.75 Ct)

Flower Diameter: 1 inch 

Chain length: 18 inches with 16-inch loop