Future You Business Network

As a member of our Future You Business Network, you will gain access to like-minded business owners within the health and wellness industry. From fitness and food to financial wellness and personal care, each category of wellness matters and we are here to help ensure your business succeeds. 

Annual membership benefits include: 

> Introductory zoom call with our Founder and CEO, Jen Z to learn more about how we can help you and your business thrive. 

> Online networking opportunities with like-minded business owners in the health and wellness industry. 

> Free Future You gift and letter welcoming you to the Future You Business Network. (Valued at $14.97)

> Access to our monthly Inspired Connections zoom call that includes Q&A sessions with personal development experts, motivational speakers, life and wellness coaches, financial experts, best-selling authors, and more! (Valued at $119.80)

> Free 12-month Future You Letter subscription delivering inspiration directly to your mailbox every month after your welcome gift arrives. (Valued at $71.40)

> Free enrollment to our quarterly small business meetings, workshops and seminarswith certified business and leadership coaches, sales and marketing consultants, financial experts, best selling authors, small business experts, and more! (Valued at $476.00)

> Weekly inspirational emails featuring small business tips and best practices, business resource recommendations, and motivational quotes. (Valued at priceless!)

When you sign up you will also receive: 

> 20% off Future You programs, gifts, and jewelry for the duration of your annual membership. (Think about all the gifts you need to purchase this year for business partners, vendors, and employees. The accumulated savings of this benefit alone could cover the cost of your membership!)

> Free Future You Gift Box to send to a mentor, family member, or friend who has kept you inspired along your entrepreneurial journey. (Valued at up to $70.00) 

The combined total value of your membership is over $750.00 and that does not include the discounts, inspirational content, and networking opportunities you will receive as a member of the Future You Business Network. For less than one dollar per day, this annual membership will help you GET INSPIRED, STAY INSPIRED, and THRIVE.

Everything's better when we're together.

"I speak from experience when I say our programs, gifts, and events have the power to improve your business. I cannot wait to start this journey with you, and I'm so glad you're here." - Jen Z, Founder & CEO of Future You Project. 

Join our Future You Business Network today!