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Multi-Visit Gift Experience

This original five week gift experience was designed to create an even greater, more lasting impact than any other gift experience.

Designed to repeat positive messages over a period of 5 weeks, this experience mirrors the original series of gifts that completely transformed Jens outlook on her own future.  It was the weekly reminders from her future self, that she was strong enough , and there were good things in store for her, that gave her the hope she needed to move through to the other side of her pain

With this five week gift experience, the recipient's future self will send her letters and gifts that encourage her to keep going, remind her that this difficult time will pass, and that even though it may be hard to imagine right now, her future is so very bright.

Her future self will visit her every week, for five weeks, to remind her that she not only deserves, but actually needs to take some time to fill her own cup. 

Her future self knows her better than anyone else, and with every visit, her letters will provide messages of hope, encouragements and inspirations, in a way that only she can.

For her last visit her future self will leave her with a parting gift.  A gift that will remind her that she is so incredibly loved and appreciated.